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HTA Sustainability Roadmap Supporters Pledge

Sustainability Roadmap Supporters Pledge

The Sustainability Supporter Pledge is designed to help all HTA members, regardless of size, turnover or business type to build sustainability into every aspect of their businesses.

But what would you gain by pledging your support for the HTA Sustainability Roadmap? Read on to find out


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By pledging your support, you will be:

  • gaining a reputational benefit among your customers, staff and local community
  • demonstrating to your customers and suppliers that your business is committed to sustainable practice
  • ensuring that your business is part of a movement that strives to do what is best for People, Planet and Profit
  • helping to raise the profile of the horticulture industry as one that takes tackling climate change and environmental issues seriously, and helping to promote the industry to government and media

How do I become a Roadmap Supporter?

To become a supporter of the HTA sustainability roadmap, your business should either have a published sustainability plan already, or plan to publish one within 6 months. We are asking for this because a sustainability plan is an invaluable tool to help your business make progress, save your business money, keep you on track, and avoid greenwashing.

Your sustainability plan should cover the next year as a minimum and share at least 2 of the focus areas of the HTA sustainability roadmap. A plan for reducing your business' overall carbon footprint is most important

The person pledging the business as a supporter should be someone who can make business decisions for the whole company, such as a director, CEO or similar. This way, sustainability is key to the whole business from the top down.

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Supporter types

You can pledge your support in one of two ways:

First, if you already have a published sustainability plan for your business, you can pledge as a Full Roadmap Supporter, and share details of where your plan is published. 

Second, if you do not have a published plan yet, but still want to show your support, you can pledge as a Provisional Roadmap Supporter. This means that you will have 6 months to write and publish your sustainability plan, then you can repledge as a full supporter.

It couldn't be simpler. 

Next Steps

Whether you are just starting, or you have been working on your sustainability for a while, you can pledge your support for the roadmap, fill out the form below.

If you need assistance making your pledge, email

We will review your answers and get back to you if we need any more information. If you are pledging as a Provisional Supporter, don't forget you have 6 months from the day you pledge to publish your business' sustainability plan, and you can repledge as a Full Supporter. 


HTA Sustainability Roadmap Supporters Pledge

Complete the form to register your support for the Sustainability Roadmap

If you do not have a sustainability plan already, here are some resources to get you started

Sustainability Plan

Writing a Sustainability Plan

A practical how-to guide, developed with Planet Mark, to be used with the Sustainability Plan Template. It will help you embed sustainability into your business plans

Sustainability Plan

Sustainability Plan Template

A template document, written by Planet Mark, for you to fill in, expand and use as a practical tool for writing a Sustainability Plan for your business.

HTA Sustainability Roadmap Charter

HTA Sustainability Roadmap: Smarter Horticulture for a Better Future Our Goals and Pledges 2021 to 2025

See which businesses are supporters of the Sustainability Roadmap

If you have any questions about the Roadmap Supporter Pledge, get in touch