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In honouring 125 years of shared growth, the Horticultural Trades Association reflects on its enduring commitment to members. Throughout this remarkable journey, we've stood with our dedicated members, offering unwavering support, fostering collaboration, and nurturing the thriving community that defines us. Here's to the remarkable individuals who have made these 125 years a testament to the strength of our collective bond.

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Nursery Network Event

The HTA Nursery Network is a new opportunity for HTA grower members to come together and exchange ideas and views, within a commercial environment, to both progress and develop individual businesses and the ornamentals industry. The group is chaired by David Hide, Technical Manager at Fleurie Nursery, and facilitated by Wayne Brough, HTA Technical Horticulture Manager.

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‘Building momentum towards peat-free production’

21 February 2024

Addressing the questions posed by industry on the suitability, availability, and costs of peat-free growing media.

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