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Unlocking Green Growth

The Horticulture and Gardening industry in the UK contributes significantly to the economy, the environment and to physical and mental health. This plan articulates the steps that should be taken to support the industry and maximise growth.

The HTA is a member of the Environmental Horticulture Group, which published the Unlocking Green Growth document.

Unlocking Green Growth

Unlocking Green Growth

A plan from the environmental horticulture, arboriculture & landscaping industry

HTA Scottish Environmental Horticulture Growth Strategy

This document follows the ‘Unlocking Green Growth’ policy document and it is designed to engage with MSPs and other key stakeholders by highlighting the potential of the industry

How the Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping Industry Underwrites the 25 Year Environment Plan

White paper detailing how the horticulture industry underwrites half of the 25 Year Environment Plan

The Economic impact of Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping in the UK

A report for the ornamental roundtable horticulture group.

Unlocking Green Growth Infographic

An Unlocking Green Growth Infographic has been created by the HTA to demonstrate economic, environmental and health contributions of the Ornamental horticulture and gardening industry across the UK.