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HTA member briefing on London ULEZ Expansion 2023

London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is expanding across all London boroughs from 29 August 2023. This document provides information for members on the new boundaries and ways to check if your vehicle is compliant.

HTA response to Common User Charge consultation

the HTA has responded to Defra's consultation on a Common User Charge at Government run BCPs.

HTA submission on National Living Wage for 2024 and beyond

The Low Pay Commission makes recommendations on the National Living Wage and Minimum Wage rates annually. The HTA has submitted a response to inform their recommendations for 2024 and beyond.

HTA submission to Shortage Occupation List review 2023

Below is the HTA's submission to the Migration Advisory Committee's 2023 review of the Shortage Occupation List.

HTA feedback on the draft TOM

The HTA have submitted their feedback to the draft Target Operating Model for the Borders. It contains a series of red line asks that must be addressed in the final TOM.

HTA response to Scottish Government consultation on Ending the Sale of Peat

Please read our consultation response below.

HTA evidence House of Lords Committee on the Horticultural Sector

The HTA submitted evidence to the House of Lords Committee on the Horticultural Sector inquiry. You can read our submission here.

HTA Member Briefing The Border Target Operating Model (TOM)

The Border Target Operating Model (or TOM) was published last week in draft form by the UK Government. The document proposes a new approach to the border of Great Britain using better, simplified processes, smarter technology and fulfilling all of the UK international trade obligations.

HTA “Peat Ban” Update - Week 14 2023

Since then, we have sought further clarity, in writing, from Defra officials and have also met the Defra Minister Trudy Harrison, who has responsibility for peatlands in her portfolio.

HTA Member Letter Template On Peat March 2023

HTA members are encouraged to contact their local MP now that Defra have verbally confirmed their deeply concerning peat ban policy. This template has been produced to support members to do this.

HTA Member Briefing Spring Budget 2023

Following the Spring Budget, HTA have produced a briefing highlighting key announcements

HTA Response Just Transition To Net Zero Wales Call For Evidence

HTA has responded to the Just Transition to Net Zero Wales call for evidence highlighting the positive contribution the industry can have, if adequately supported to reach its own sustainability objectives, in delivering a just transition for all.