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HTA Comment on the revision of timeline for fees under Extended Producer Responsibility

UPDATE 26 July 2023

Defra has issued a formal press release this morning with more detail:


25 July 2023

Today, 25 July, it has been announced by Defra and the Environment Agency, via the latest updates section of guidance on data collection (scroll to latest updates), that there will be a revision to the timeline for fees under Extended Producer Responsibility. This was apparently issued sooner than intended, but we are told it will be formally published on Friday. The revision says that fees will now be implemented in October 2025 instead of the previously set date of October 2024. However, it's important to note that businesses currently obligated to report packaging data for 2023 must continue to do so in line with the existing timelines.


Jennifer Pheasey, Director of Public Affairs at the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA), said:
"We welcome the announcement of a delay in implementing fees under Extended Producer Responsibility. The HTA has been one of the voices challenging the ‘too little, too late’ detail on EPR and sought clarity to ensure horticultural businesses can comply. This extension should provide Government with the necessary time to establish comprehensive recycling reform plans, ensuring consistency across the UK. The relief is palpable, especially for many of our small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) members who are already navigating the complexities of various regulations within their operations. Support from the government to improve recycling infrastructure to facilitate the supply of recyclable materials will promote sustainability and, we hope, offer better value for money, benefiting our members and consumers throughout the UK. We trust this additional time will be used effectively, and we remain committed to collaborating with Defra to achieve the most favourable environmental outcomes."


Find all our member resources on EPR at and speak to ecoveritas for help with compliance.