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Christmas Ideas for Garden Centres


Here are our best ideas for Christmas campaigns that you can run in your store! 



We don't need to tell you that people love getting stuff for free! 

Hosting a giveaway is a great way to keep customers coming back, and there are several ways you can do this... 

  • Loyalty scheme: 'Collect 3 stamps to be entered'
  • Event: set a time and draw from a hat
  • Email: have customers leave an email address to be entered, you can even go one step further and ask them to sign up to a marketing list 
  • Gamify it: Pin the tail on the donkey! Toss the hoop over the pole! There are all sorts of ways to create a fun game for customers

Build a Grotto!

Santa's Grotto is a staple of the Christmas period! Give the kids somewhere to play in your store and give the adults somewhere to take fantastic Christmas photos and create memories. They will forever attach these to your store! It is after all the age of social media!

Create a Model Christmas Village

From Bethlehem to Barnet, anything Christmas-related will make your customers stop and stare, this will draw them into the areas of your store that you may struggle to find footfall in! 

You can also sell the models used in your village, bringing in a lovely bit of extra income!

Christmas Promotions

  • Discounts for those in a Santa hat!
  • Get 5% off if you can name all of Santa's Reindeer!
  • Buy a Christmas tree and get a set of baubles for free!

Make it fun!