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We produce a range of consumer trend insights and discuss the opportunities they bring for member businesses. Reports include: 

  • State of the Market report - this report provides an overview of the political, economic, sociocultural, technological, legal and environmental forces impacting the market, how this is affecting consumer behaviour and the threats and opportunities posed to businesses over the short-to-medium term. It aims to help businesses to look forward and anticipate factors that could change or disrupt the market.
  • Reducing Opportunistic Crime in Garden Retail by Learning From the Field of Psychology - an overview of just how costly crime is to UK garden centres, as well as learnings from psychological theory on why crimes might be committed, what products might be at risk, and some tactics and methods to deploy to deter crime.
  • Consumer trends & opportunities post-COVID - a summary of the key market forces driving new consumer behaviours amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and the opportunities for garden businesses emerging as a result.
  • How do shoppers see garden centres? & Selling plants profitably - eye-tracking video research showing what aids and gets in the way of shopper purchasing.
  • Wildlife the crossover in demographics and interests between wildlife- and garden-lovers, and how member businesses can capitalise. 

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