Policy Campaigns

Issues that matter

The mental and physical benefits of being in nature-based spaces are well-established. Horticulture resonates throughout nature and the landscape we all have around us. 

With 25 million people regularly gardening the UK is a nation of gardeners. Since March 2020 3 million more people took up gardening as a regular hobby – nearly half of who are under 45. 

Making this possible is an industry that is the engine of local and national growth in the UK. 

The HTA is the voice of the industry on the key issues – such as EU Exit, sustainability, labour and coronavirus regulations.

UK Horticulture

  • Employees 674,200 people
  • Contributes £28.8 billion in GDP
  • Generates £6.3 billion in tax revenue
  • Underwrites 50% of 25-year Environmental Plan
  • Plant growers have a presence in 382 constituencies across the UK

Making a difference

We advocate, campaign and represent our industry to help our members flourish​.

Engaging with Governments throughout the UK we make a difference to enable our members to prosper and grow.

Whether it’s working to ensure garden centres can continue to remain open during any future lockdowns, campaigning to bring about improvements to the system for post-EU Exit trade, or partnering with other organisations to achieve successes on Scottish non-domestic rates, we support and nurture our industry to ensure a robust and sustainable future.