HTA Welcomes Devolved Nations Election Results

by Rachel McQuilliam

Commenting on the parliamentary election results in the devolved nations of Scotland and Wales, the HTA issued the following statements: 

Stan Green, Chairman of the HTA’s Scotland Policy Development Group said: 

“The HTA is looking forward to working with Scottish ministers to ensure they understand the issues impacting the garden industry.  

We hope to see new ministers support industry growth and with it support for Scottish-based horticulture businesses.  

We will continue to press Ministers for actions and assistance in areas such as the use of peat in horticulture, plant health, business rates and strategies for industry growth.”  

James Clark, HTA Director of Policy and Communications added:  

“With 3 million more people across the UK taking up gardening in the last year the horticulture industry stands poised to be a post-Brexit, post-COVID success story. With so many issues directly impacting our sector devolved to devolved parliaments, we will be working to expand the voice of our industry with policymakers at Cardiff Bay and Holyrood.”