HTA Virtual New Plant Awards Entries 2021

by Angela Bean

Ahead of Tuesday’s announcement webinar of the winners of the Virtual New Plant Awards 2021, the HTA has released the full list of entries for this year’s Awards.

On this PDF you can see all 93 entries, including picture of the plants and their growers/ breeders. Entries were received in five categories – Herbaceous Perennials; Annuals; Houseplants; Shrubs & Climbers and Trees & Conifers. All entries have been verified for their ‘newness’ by Joy of Plants.

Pippa Greenwood, HTA Horticulture Manager said:

“It has been an ever-changing twelve months, with more than a few difficult times, but it has been great to witness so much increased interest in gardening and the ‘recruitment’ of around 3 million new gardeners. It only seems fitting therefore, that we have had such a great response to the 2021 Virtual New Plant Awards.

“In ‘normal’ years all plants entered into the New Plant Awards at the HTA National Plant Show would have been viewed by the show visitors, some of whom would ultimately buy the plants for their retail outlets and help us to spread enthusiasm for these new plants.  Sadly, with the pandemic still very much with us, the HTA National Plant Show 2021 as a live event had to be cancelled.

Last year’s virtual version of The New Plant Awards was such a success that we have gone virtual for 2021 too as we are determined to make sure that all the wonderful new plants that have been produced get the publicity and acclaim that they deserve. There were so many tremendous (and very tempting!) plants and it was a real pleasure to see so many entries and some superb winners will be announced on Tuesday!”

The 2021 Judging Panel, Co-Chaired by Martin Simmons, HTA Director of Membership and Pippa Greenwood, HTA Horticulture Manager included Laura Jackson -Swarkestone Nursery, Andy Smith - The Klondyke Group, Chris Young - RHS Editor at Large and Jane Moore - Garden Media Guild.

Voting is underway for the Virtual Visitor Vote supported by Floramedia, and the Overall Winner will be announced in the webinar, along with the judges’ bronze, silver, gold and Best in Category awards, and the ultimate honour - Best in Show.