Hort-Talk: A HTA Podcast 2021

by Rachel McQuilliam

The Horticultural Trades Association is excited to launch their new podcast, Hort-Talk, a podcast that takes the most relevant industry subjects and makes them accessible and digestible for all.  

In each episode, two guests are invited to discuss and deliberate on topics related to horticulture, each bringing their own expertise and experiences to the table.  

 The first episode launches on Tuesday 11 May – Wellbeing day of Plant Health Week 2021.  

This episode focuses on mental health and wellbeing and has two special guests: Martin Hilton, Director of Learning and Education at CPL, and Annabelle Padwick- Founder of Life at No.27 and National Growing for Wellbeing Week.  

Alex Jenkins, HTA Learning and Development Manager, said: 

“We wanted to make important topics accessible and digestible for everyone.  

Some of the most important subjects we must deal with in our industry with can be confusing and complicated if they are not something you have to work with directly. However, it does not mean they are not important for everyone to have some understanding of.  

Hort-Talk came from the desire to make sure everyone in our membership can access and learn from these topics in an enjoyable way, no matter your job role or field.   

Whether it be Plant Health or Mental wellbeing we want everyone to feel they can be part of the conversation.” 

Listen to the podcast: