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BRIGIT - Xylella Regulations, Responses & Responsibilities

A BRIGIT industry webinar from March 2020.

BRIGIT - Xylella Regulatory framework

A BRIGIT industry webinar from March 2020.

BRIGIT - Xylella insect vectors

BRIGIT industry webinar from March 2020 on Xylella vectors.

BRIGIT - What Where is Xylella - March 2020

BRIGIT industry webinar from March 2020.

Consumer Guidance on Plant Health

Plant biosecurity is a global issue that continues to grow in importance as the volume of trade between countries and the number of people travelling increases. There are many pests and diseases that can seriously damage crops and plants in the UK. It is important that plant health is taken extremely seriously and that diseases from abroad are not brought into the UK on imported plants and trees.

2021 Revision of Xylella contingency plan

The EU modified their emergency measures for Xylella in August 2020. We are no longer bound by the requirements of the EU legislation. There have been new scientific developments.

Xylella Fastidiosa guidance toolkit

What is the threat of Xylella? Number one horticultural business concern because…. • In the event of an outbreak there will be stock destruction within 100m and a 5-year movement ban of all host species within a 5km radius; • The emergency measures include the whole supply chain from nursery to end consumer; • All professionals receiving and dealing in Xylella host plants need to ensure that they are accompanied by a valid plant passport.

Xylella Distribution - March 2021

A map of Xylella distribution in March 2021.

UK Plant Health Guidance - Xylella fastidiosa

Xylella fastidiosa: Information about controls for importers and users of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants