Visual Merchandising Development Programme

For 2022, we are mixing up the Visual Merchandising development programme.  This year we will be running 3 development programmes over the year, in a slightly different format. Over the 3 months, there will be six live online via Zoom sessions, focusing on the core Visual Merchandising principles. There will be 4 selective pre-recorded workshops and 3 practical assessments whilst on the course. Below is the course overview:

6 Basic Modules:

• An introduction into effective Visual Merchandising principles which can be applied throughout your centre.

• How to create an effective store layout which enhances your customer flow using the Visual Merchandising principles. Including carrying out a customer flow exercise within your centre.

• Effective Visual Merchandising techniques for outdoor / indoor plants.

• Creating a more effective retail space within your Chems & Ferts area with a focus upon dual siting and link selling.

• Looking at current consumer trends to create effective promotional and seasonal spaces within your centre.

• Visual Merchandising for creating an effective Christmas Shop.

4 Selective Modules (pre-recorded):

• Effective Visual Merchandising techniques for outdoor furniture with a focus upon styling trends and link selling.

• Effective Visual Merchandising techniques for a successful Food Market and Hospitality offer.

• Creating theatre and engagement with your customers for the with a focus upon Children’s merchandise and seasonal events.

• The importance of maintaining a strong, consistent brand and effective customer engagement through your website / E-Commerce shop - connecting the key messages seen within your centre.

Practical Assessments:

• Using the Visual Merchandising techniques create a seasonal hot spot area within your centre with a focus upon styling trends and link selling.

• Carry out a customer flow exercise within your centre. Effectively evaluate areas of opportunity within the space and create a plan of action of how you will improve customer flow and additional focus within that space.

• Select an area within your centre which is currently under performing. Create theatre and engagement for your customers, as well implementing the VM principles to create a more commercial space. Monitor sales before and after implementation.

Sarah Manning

Visual Merchandising Consultant

With 20 years’ experience of working in the Visual Merchandising Industry, working for luxury brands; Harrods & Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Marks & Spencer.

Sarah has run her own business, Visual Merchandising Courses since April 2006. Working with retailers and independent clients to achieve an increased understanding of Visual Merchandising and how this can be implemented to improve your sales and shopping experience for your customer.

Sarah also lectures for The University of the Arts London and The London College of Fashion.

She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching, Distinction.


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Visual Merchandising Development Programme