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Garden centre guidance - 26 March 2020

COVID19 – Garden centre guidance following the Prime Minister's address to the nation on Coronavirus (Updated 26 March)

APL Equal opportunities policy statement - Template

The aim of the policy is to ensure no employee or potential employee is discriminated against either directly or indirectly on any unlawful grounds.

HTA Benevolent Fund Leaflet

The HTA Benevolent Fund cares for the welfare of members of the HTA, and their employees. We help members including retailers, growers and landscapers who are facing hardship by providing grants and financial assistance. To be eligible for help, individuals need to work for a current HTA member. Or they need to have been employed by a business when it was an HTA member. As well as helping the individual we can also help their direct family

HTA Information Sheet - A Guide to the Apprenticeship Levy

As part of its industrial strategy the government in its 2015’s autumn statement announced its intention to launch an Apprenticeship Levy in order to stimulate the creation of an increased number of apprenticeships, in an attempt to improve the countries widely reported skills shortage. The scheme aims to change the way in which apprenticeships are funded to increase their uptake and bring more business/ industry involvement into their running. Further to this it is hoped that the changes will improve the UK economy’s lagging productivity and meet industry’s demands for skilled workers.

HTA Information Sheet - Glyphosate

Information for Consumers when using Glyphosate.

HTA Response to EA Abstraction Licences to Permits Consultation

'Ornamental’ horticulture is a sector that makes a significant contribution to our environment, supplying the plants and trees that play a crucial role in tackling climate change and carbon reduction. The horticultural industry underpins almost half of the goals set out in the Government’s 25-year environment plan.

HTA Information Sheet - Sunday Trading Laws

This Information Sheet sets out when retail businesses can open on Sunday in the United Kingdom, and outlines the steps they must take if they do. It also covers the opening restrictions on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. There are significant fines for failing to comply with Sunday trading requirements.

The Economic impact of Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping in the UK

A report for the ornamental roundtable horticulture group.

HTA Annual Review 2021

Five key wins • Garden centres in England defined as ‘essential’ during lockdown ensuring £250m sales safeguarded the industry • Garden centres in devolved nations enabled to open weeks before other retailers thanks to HTA lobbying • £4m in savings achieved for the industry as inspection fees deferred as a result of Brexit lobbying • Bringing the horticultural supply chain together to commit to removing peat • Online training has enabled double the number of members to access learning in the first six months of the year